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Standard Covers



The policy covers DEATH or destruction on humane grounds as a result of an injury or illness sustained or contracted and notified to the insurer during the period of the policy.

THEFT or straying during the period of the policy where the animal is not recovered within 30 days.

Colic Surgery

Reimbursement of expenses up to a maximum payment of $5,000AUD of operating room, including supplies & drugs, veterinarians, surgical staff, anaesthesia and medical technical assistant charges for an emergency operation which requires surgical invasion of the abdominal cavity in order to correct torsion or other type of blockage of the intestinal tract.

International Air Transit

Covers the animal whilst on board or being loaded onto or unloaded from an aircraft licensed for passenger and or cargo carrying, from aerodrome to aerodrome whilst being transported between the places described in the insurance.


Covers by Application


Stallion Permanent Infertility

Will indemnify the Insured against the loss which may be incurred in the event of the insured stallion becoming totally and permanetly impotent, infertile or incapable of serving mares as a result of an accident, sickness or disease incurred and notified to the insurers during the period of insurance.

Such indemnity shall be limited to the FAIR MARKET VALUE of the Stallion immediately prior to the accident or first manifestation of the sickness or disease giving rise to the loss, but not exceeding the limit of the Insurers liability specified in the schedule in respect to that stallion.

Unborn Foal

Will indemnify the Insured against loss, up to but not exceeding the Sum Insured, in the event of the foal stated in the schedule failing to be born alive and/or survive to the expiry of the policy.

This policy does not cover the risk of multiple pregnancy.



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