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Markel Insurance Company

The Markel Insurance Company name and reputation are unsurpassed in the field of equine insurance.  For over four decades, they have provided uninterrupted coverage for horse and horse-related risks.  Markel also pioneered many of the policy forms and endorsement now considered standard in the industry.  As a leading developer of specialty risk management tools and services, Markel have continually enhanced and improved their products to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Many of their employees were horse owners long before they became involved in the insurance industry.  They know first-hand the passion shared by horse owners.  They are true "horse people" who represent the commitment that makes the Markel difference.

The Markel brand has a long association with equine insurance.  In the United States, Markel Corporation has been providing equine products for generations, enhancing the company's reputation as a niche insurer.

When you place business with Markel, you are working with one of the most reliable, financially sound companies in the insurance industry.